Building Hours & Scheduling

The PAC will maintain a calendar of activities and may accept tentative dates for potential rentals. Spaces will be scheduled and held on the calendar after receipt of a non-refundable performance intent charge. (see fee schedule)

At what ever time a potential user informs the PAC that a date is firm, a contract will be sent to the user for signature. Contracts will always be issued in advance of the rental date, generally not later than five (5) working days prior to occupancy, but not more than one year prior to the date(s) requested. However, no contract will be acted upon for a succeeding school year until after the school district calendar is set and approved by the Governing Board. 

Facilities & Equipment

The user is required to provide all necessary technical information no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of the engagement. Generally the user will provide said information in a pre-production meeting at the PAC, but may provide written specifications with follow-up by telephone. The BPAC Facility Use Information Sheet is to be filled out with all the necessary information the PAC needs prior to the event.

The more complete and accurate the information provided, the better the PAC service will be. The PAC will not be responsible for problems resulting from inadequate advance planning through proper communication with the PAC. The PAC house manager and his assigned representatives reserve the right to alter any aspect of a production of which there is a question of safety for participants and/or protection of PAC equipment.


No portions of the sidewalks, entries, halls, elevators or ways of access to public utilities of the premises shall be obstructed by the user. Any damage resulting on account of any abuse or of any misuse of any portion, facility or equipment, of whatsoever character, shall be paid by the user.


The PAC does not guarantee parking for its users or staff and patrons. The granting of a contract to use the PAC shall in no way obligate the PAC to provide parking for the user.

Trucks carrying equipment to be used by the user in the presentation of the event may be loaded, unloaded and parked at the exclusive direction of the PAC management.
Flammable Materials
No flammable materials such as bunting, tissue paper, crepe paper, etc... will be permitted to be used for decorations. Open flames in any area of the building are strictly prohibited, regardless of how they are fueled, unless approved by the PAC.


In the receipt , handling, care or custody of property of any kind shipped or otherwise delivered to the PAC, neither the PAC, its officers, agents or employees shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury to such property.
Broadcasting & Recording
No event may be photographed in the PAC, nor may it be broadcast, video taped, recorded or otherwise reproduced without the consent of the PAC. The location of cameras and video equipment is subject to approval by the PAC House Manager. Outside individuals/businesses (ie: video, audio, photography) providing services for a profit, are considered to be a 3rd party vendor. Additional support charges and/or a separate user agreement may be required.


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the facility. The user shall be responsible for enforcing the no-smoking regulation. Failure on the part of the user to enforce this regulation shall constitute a breach of contract and can, at the option of the PAC, cause the termination of said agreement as well as refusal of future usage.


All performance and participants must use the back stage entrance prior to the show. No other doors are to be used by performers or stage personnel; nor will any doors be propped open. Audience members will be allowed into the hall upon notification of the performance group and contract users; however, the PAC shall determine if and when the doors are to be unlocked.

Objectionable Persons

The PAC reserves the right to eject from the premises any objectionable persons; and neither the PAC nor any of its representatives shall be liable to the user for any damages that may be sustained by such action.

The term "objectionable persons" shall include those persons by virtue of disorderly conduct, drunkenness, disruptive behavior, violation of building policy or laws, make the proper conduction of business difficult or impossible.

Laws & Licenses

The user shall comply with all laws of the United States, the State of Arizona, the City of Sierra Vista, and rules and regulations established by designated officers of the Sierra Vista Governing Board.

The user shall obtain all permits and licenses required by the laws, ordinances, rules and regulations needed for the engagement. The PAC shall have the right to require the user to furnish satisfactory evidence that it has obtained all such licenses.

Right to Alter Manual

The Buena Performing Arts Center may change, alter, amend or cancel any or all of the articles and sections of this Operation Policy Manual at any time without notice.

Rehearsal Attendance

Rehearsals are defined as productions performed without an audience or with no more than fifty (50) people watching the production. If the user exceeds the stated maximum, the user shall be responsible for payment of performance rates for the days applicable.


Authorized representatives of the PAC shall be on duty during the time any facilities are being used under contract. All costs for adequate supervision shall be the responsibility of the user. This shall include proper police and fire protection. The presence or lack of security shall not alter the fact that the Buena Performing Arts Center, under the terms of the agreement, assumes no liability for the loss, theft or damage to the property of the user. The PAC reserves the right to retain security, at the cost of the contract user, if determined necessary.

Insurance Requirements

A comprehensive liability policy at a minimum level of one million dollars combined single limit shall be provided by the user. Proof of this insurance with "Buena Performing Arts Center" named on the certificate of insurance must be provided prior to the first date of the engagement. The period of coverage shall be throughout the term of the agreement, at the user's sole cost. This insurance shall be a broad-form, general public liability insurance against claims and liability for personal injury, death, or property damage arising from the use, occupancy or disuse of the PAC or adjoining areas and ways. Additional limits and qualifications may be specified by the PAC as deemed necessary.

Royalties & Dues

The user shall be responsible for ASCAP, BMI and any other royalty fees associated with the user's event. Theatrical presentations requiring contracts with Samuel French, Music Theatre International or other companies shall be the responsibility of the user and at no time shall the PAC be expected to enter into such agreements in any way. The PAC may refuse rental to any group which is not in good standing with a theatrical play/music service.

The user shall be responsible for all contracts and fees associated with the employment of its personnel, including actors, technicians, directors, choreographers and all other artistic labor.

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Address questions and date requests to :
Buena Performing Arts Center
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