Contact Information

Rick Klein, Manager coach@buenapac.com
Duane Chun, Assistant Manager chund@buenapac.com
Carrie Duerk, Production Supervisor carrie@buenapac.com
General Information  help@buenapac.com

Mailing Address

Buena Performing Arts Center
5225 Buena School Blvd.
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
Phone Numbers
(520) 515 2820, Rick Klein
(520) 515 2874, fax

House Info

The facility was opened in January of 1992. The main auditorium can seat from 907 to as many as 1319 with opening the two pods. The Little Theatre Pod seats 206 and features a small stage with self-contained computer lighting and sound. The Lecture Pod seats 213 and is ideal for group meetings.

Stage Facilities

The main stage has 4000 sq. ft. of performance and wing space. The proscenium is 40 ft. wide and 17 ft. high. There is a removable floor which makes our thrust over the orchestra pit 20 ft. from the center to the grand curtain. The distance from the grand curtain to the back cyclorama is 32 ft. leaving 5 ft. 4 in. to the backwall for crossovers. The distance from the stage floor to the grid is 56 ft. Performance entrance side is stage right and the mechanical side is stage left. The Grand curtain is pewter and can travel or fly manually. The stage also has 3 pairs of 14 ft. wide black legs, a pewter valance, 3 black, borders and 3 black, stage travelers. There is also a white, flat back cyclorama as well as a white and a black, full stage scrims available. A Garrison size American flag is available.

The fly system has 21 usable line sets with the lock rail on the second level, stage left and it is a single-purchase, counterweight system. The 4 motorized, electrical battens are operated from the floor, stage left. All house electrics are 20 amp., twist-lock connections. There are some adapters and cables for extensions and conversions available.

Off-loading can be accomplished by a ground, stage level, loading dock on stage right. There is a set of double doors with no center brace (6'11" x 5'11") and roll-up doors allowing a 10' x 10' entrance.

Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit measures 40' x 9'5" and 8'8" deep. Equipment inventory for the pit is variable and necessary equipment should be prearranged prior to load-in.


Colortran Encore 48/96
Viewpoint LCD Stations (Stage & Booth)
02 - 96 E.N.R. Dimmer Racks
164 - 2.4 Kw Stage Dimmers
28 - 2.4 Kw House Dimmers
50 - 6" Fresnel 1000 watts
30 - 6" Ellipsoidal 1000 watts
10 - 30-40-50 Mini Ellipse 500 watts
15 - Focusing Scoops 1000 watts
08 - Par 64, 8"
04 - 15 to 35 Zoom Ellipse 1000 watts
04 - 3 light Far-Cyc 1000 watts
03 - 2 light Far-Cyc 1000 watts
04 - 3 circuit 12 light borders
02 - Mighty Arc II Follow spots (back of house)
02 - Trouper Follow Spots (beam position)
06 - Extreme A/S


Yamaha M3000/40channels
Soundcraft 200SR w/25 channels, 4 outs
JBL Center Speaker Cluster and side fills
Playback and Record System - cassette, CD, dat, mini-disk
Telex Communications with headset communication to control booth, spot bays, sound board, fly rail, stage left & right, beam positions
Backstage Cueing System, control access stage right

Dressing Rooms

Dressing/makeup room area includes central wall mirror & table, chairs, & sink. Areas to the left and right include wall lockers and toilet facilities. There is no shower capability. Immediate stage right access to main theatre.

Tech Crews

Buena High School is fortunate in that a course curriculum of Theatre Technology Classes (beginning, intermediate & advanced) exposing students to the areas of lighting, sound, scenery & stage is available for P.A.C. events.

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