User Class

Class I: Sierra Vista Public Schools

This requester category is one of "co-sponsorship" by the school district of certain types of activities generally considered to be directly associated with the district. (PTO, Booster Groups, SVCTA, JROTC, etc.) Fund raising activities may be charged a Class II fee to cover utilities and custodial costs.

Class II: Community

This requester category includes church groups requesting a facility for services of special functions, civic groups, state tax supported educational institutions, service organizations and other "non-profit" groups.

Fund raising activities by Class II users will be charged as a Class III user unless one of the following conditions apply:
All sponsors and performers must reside within the boundaries of the Sierra Vista School District.
More than 40% of all proceeds must be dedicated to scholarships or other educational programs for Sierra Vista Public School Students.

Class III: Commercial

This requester category is a civic, service, religious, governmental agency, or educational user sponsoring an event for the specific purpose of charging a fee. 

Class IV: Entrepreneurs

This requester category is an individual or group desiring to use a district facility to make a profit. They do not qualify as a civic, service, religious, educational or governmental agency. Facilities other than the Buena Performing Arts Center will be dealt with on a case by case basis, also governed by existing policies and fees.

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